Women's Expo!

Ready for inspiration and information? Need help to write, market, organize or fine-tune your focus? Do you have a great idea and need answers now?

You want to attend a conference, but have no time to travel? No extra money for hotels…parking…and eating out? Can’t break away from your family? Well…we have the PERFECT solution! Join us for our...

Spring Ultimate Women's Expo 2011! Ladies Retreat
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Ready for a virtual women's conference? One that promises to help you kick off the very best year ever? One that offers help for EVERY aspect of being an Ultimate Woman with a focus and a vision? Well, The Ultimate Women's Expo is your event!

Right there in the comfort of your home you can join us at your convenience! Our live sessions have been recorded and are available as a complete set that you can purchase and listen to again and again, indefinitely!  

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Ultimate Women's Expo 2 011

**Fine Tuning Your Vision and Focus!**

We bring you support, professional speakers and the HELP you need
directly to your home via computer or phone.

We are here to serve you! 

 Extra bonus! 5 Hours Free! Special Members-Only Author Consulting Group!

(Individual Coaching Sessions run $150-$200 per hour! Yours free!)

Want to preview our event before you purchase a ticket? Sure!

Listen to our sample session on our website:

Join me, your host, Felice Gerwitz for a virtual online Women's Conference.

Workshops recorded by successful speakers and authors.

Bonus audios especially for authors!

Access to our Membership Site with audios, articles, bonus gifts, ebooks, special coupon offers from our speakers and sponsors.

 Extra bonus! A free membership author's group.

Classes for Authors, Speakers, and Entreprenurs, topics on a wide variety of topics.  

Can't make the live sessions? No problem, we record all the sessions for you.

 Links with offers from the Speakers and Sponsors

 Extra bonus! Five Hours of Free Sessions in the Author Consulting Group!


No large crowds! No outrageous gas bills!
No makeup! No parking miles away!
No walking for blocks and blocks!
No expensive trips or hotel stays!
No babysitters! No rushing around so you can catch your favorite speaker before they run out the door with a question. No choosing between which workshops to attend. In fact!
No missing ANY workshops!

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Who are the Speakers?

Here is a Partial List

Our speakers include: Felice Gerwitz, Marnie Swedberg, Lorrie Flem, Cindy Rushon, Attorney Susan Spann, Meredith Curtis, Janice Campbell, Denise Mira, Carol Topp, and more!  

For a complete schedule visit our website at

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We are not a flash in the pan this is our  3rd year.

You can email me your questions anytime.

About our Special Offer...


Each person who purchases a ticket will receive a free group consulting class for authors. Felice's area of expertise is author consultations. She has helped many realize their dreams of becoming published. 


~You will definitely not want to miss this event~


Felice knows the writing and publishing industry very well from being an author, publisher and self publisher. She is a creative visionary. She is full of life, passion, energy and experience.

Carol Topp, homeschool mom and author

Hi, I'm Janice Campbell of, and I'm here to tell you that Felice is a creative, inspirational writer and speaker... She actively seeks ways to inspire and empower parents and students, and is always willing to share her knowledge. Felice is dedicated to building a strong network ... and she excels at working with others.

Janice Campbell

You are going to LOVE our sessions.

Remember, these talks are edited and uploaded onto the membership site.

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Don't delay begin taking the steps to realize your dream!

Ultimate Womens Expo 2011

Please JOIN US!

Your Host

Felice Gerwitz and Guests!

Felice Gerwitz from

Owner of Media Angels, Inc.

Excited? I am!

Here are the details...

After the seminar, the audios will be loaded into an exclusive Membership Page that includes everything you need to get your Business or Book  off to a great start!

Here's how easy it is to order:

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3 Enjoy your seminar series and as many gifts as you'd like!

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Ultimate Womens

Expo 2011

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